Hello Fellow Human,

I'm Todd McClernan a longtime Central Florida real estate sign installer / retailer... We've been digging holes and setting poles since 1988.

Along life's journey I've owned a full service sign shop, a franchise tee shirt shop called Image Depot and dabbeled in many a random hustles to keep the wheels turning.

Fast forward to today, and after almost 10 years of using multiple vendors to produce signs, we've managed to identify some of the best wholesale sign production facilities all over the US. Best meaning consistent quality, turn around times, sturdy packaging, and super competetive pricing.

So with a large Dunkin half & half tea and the University of YouTube, I bring you LogoDepo.com a convenient hub for quick, cost effective, custom signs. The goal always being to reduce any amount of friction between you and your signs.

Between myself and and some other awesome humans, we manage the whole process, double checking your art, your order and the direction of your flutes. We then send it to the logistically best production facilty-- in most cases your job is produced no more than 2 ground shipping buisness days from its destination.

We are based in beautiful Lakeland Florida and hope to ship or deliver some awesome signage to you or your customer soon.

I'm thankful our paths have crossed and hope you'll consider us for whatever it is YOU are on your way to accomplishing.

Have a great day and Thanks for your time : )